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Bulgarian Properties for Sale.com consists of a small team of people, two Lawyers and two Sales Agents.  Myself and my partner deal with the sales and Marketing aspect of the business, while Rositsa and Nedielko are the Legal Team who act on your behalf. 


Rositsa (Rossie) and Nedialko opened their legal practice in 1998.  They practice Civil Law, dealing mostly with property sale and purchases, plus Company Registration.  They are experts in these fields.  Between them they speak English, Italian and Russian.

Rositsa and Nedielko and based in Burgas and myself and my partner are based in the Varna area, covering sales and purchases of houses and apartments within these two regions of Bulgaria, plus the Yambol region.  

I originate from Wales and my partner from England.  We purchased our property here in Bulgaria and have since renovated it.  We now live here in Bulgaria on a permanent basis.

Having a background of Estate Agency, plus Sales and Marketing in the UK, we now feel that we are able to help and advise others in the purchase of properties here in Bulgaria, as we have come across the possible pitfalls first hand and have come to know the Bulgarian approach and mentality towards sales and purchases of property.  We are very aware that there are agents out there who don't advise their clients very well.  We ensure you know all about your property, including what repairs are needed and also the approximate costs involved in renovating.  We will tell you up front whether the property is habitable or not.  

We inspect all properties in depth and ensure that the Legal Team has had sight of the property deeds before the house goes on the market, so there are no lengthy waits later down the line.  That way the purchase goes ahead quickly and smoothly. 

Bulgaria is still one of the popular countries in which to buy either a holiday home, or for some, a new home for a new start, or even that dreamed of retirement home. But buyers beware! There are pitfalls and if you are not aware of the laws, costs etc, you can find yourselves in difficulties very quickly. Not all agents will be honest and up-front about their properties.  

Yes you can buy a property in Bulgaria for as little as £500, but it is likely that the property will need demolishing and rebuilding.  It is also very likely that the property will be situated in a village heavily populated with gypsies, so you need to be well informed, not only about the property itself, but the area in which it is located.  We ensure you are aware of all these things.  We make very sure that our properties are based in nice villages or towns.

Due to the low cost of many properties available in Bulgaria, some people jump in with both feet and then find themselves in the not very nice position of having to sell up and move back home because they have run out of money. Others find that they have either employed an unscrupulous builder, or dare I say, Agent or Lawyer.

Please feel free to contact us any time should you have any questions


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